We now have 24 candidates for the office of President of the United States, running as Democrats. The one thing that stands out about each and every one is that they are all far-left, and no matter they call themselves Democrats; except one who openly calls himself a Socialist, as are they all. Here are the Democratic socialists candidates to be your next President; Michael Bennet-Appointed Senator from Colorado, former Superintendent of Denver Public Schools. Joe Biden-Former VP under Obama, Senator from Delaware Cory Booker-Senator from New Jersey, former Mayor of Newark Steve Bullock-Governor of Montana Pete Buttigieg-Openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Julian Castro-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Obama John Delaney-US Representative, Maryland Tulsi Gabbard-US Representative, Hawaii-Bernie Sanders backer in 2016 Kirsten Gillibrand-Senator New York Kamala Harris-Senator California, former District Attorney San Francisco and State Attorney General California John Hickenlooper-Former Governor Colorado Jay Inslee-Governor Washington Amy Klobuchar-Senator Minnesota Wayne Messam-Mayor Miramar, Florida Seth Mouloton-US Representative Massachusetts Beto O’Rourke-Former US Representative Texas Tim Ryan-US Representative Ohio Bernie Sanders-Socialist Senator Vermont Joe Sestak-Former US Representative Pennsylvania Tom Steyer-Hedge Fund Manager and Political activist Elizabeth Warren-Senator Massachusetts Marianne Williamson-Self help author Andrew Yang-Entrepreneur Bill de Blasio-Mayor New York City These are your Democrat/Socialist who would be your President. Others have dropped out and more will probably jump in as we move forward toward election. I am only going to provide additional information on the top 5, those whom the left wing media and pollsters say have a chance to be the nominee. Joe Biden-As noted was the VP in the Obama administration, has been on the public teat for 45 years and cannot find a major accomplishment of any type. I have referred to Joe as the Village Idiot, because he constantly demonstrates by action and verbiage that he has no clue about anything he talks about. Recently he declared that China was no threat to the USA, neither economically nor militarily. Absurd, although it has been reported recently that Joe helped arrange deals for his son with the Chinese that brought millions to son, so perhaps he is just defending the family fortune. Pete Buttigieg-Openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. There you have Pete’s qualifications and accomplishments. Kamala Harris-As mentioned above, from that hot bed of all things Liberal, left wing, and socialist; San Francisco, California. Huge homeless population living on streets, hypodermic needles litter sidewalks, panhandlers everywhere, and in fact recently announced typhoid fever scare, possible bubonic plague, due to rat infestation and had to establish a poop patrol to pick up human feces off the sidewalks. Bernie Sanders-An avowed socialist, who is really a communist. So let’s call Bernie a Democratic/Socialist/Communist. Senator Sanders ran for the Democratic nomination against Hilliary in 2016 and is/was the leader of the Democrats rush to the far-left. Bernie and wife spent honeymoon years ago in Russia. Elizabeth(Pocahontas) Warren-Claimed to be American Indian until challenged. Harvard Law School where she was a Professor listed her as American Indian during her time there. Finally forced to prove her claim and turns out her DNA has no American Indian link. Probably used this scheme to obtain jobs during the “diversity” hysteria. Here is a short list of the policies, agendas and direction this entire list of Democratic/Socialists have united behind and what they pledge to bring to America and its citizens. Green New Deal-$77 Trillion project to replace our entire electric system with solar, and wind apparatus for our electricity Forgive student debt-$1.3 Trillion falls on taxpayer shoulders Reparations for slavery-Estimates range as high as $ billions for this program that will provide billions to folks who were never slaves at the expense of current and future taxpayers who never owned slaves. Medicare for all-$33Trillion, plan would do away with private insurance companies. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has promised anything to the American taxpayer. When discussing this program he stated that yes, American taxpayers would pay more taxes. Open Border-Welcomes the entire world here, no border, no immigration laws. Medical coverage for illegal immigrants immediately upon setting foot on American soil. Free College for all-At what expense? Eliminate Trump tax cut for America There are more, as it appears the Democrats platform is all things free, but these should give you some insight into the direction any of these candidates would take our country. Our public debt today stands at over $21 Trillion and with these plans and others these folks espouse we are looking at a debt probably in the $100’s of Trillions. Be afraid, be very afraid! No one has asked, or perhaps none of the candidates have answered where in the world Socialism has worked; not in China, not in Russia, Cuba, Nicaraugua, Venezuela, Greece nor anywhere that it has been tried! Yet these folks still run full steam ahead toward Socialism for America. NOT!
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