Due to the incessant negative bombardment of the Trump haters; left wing media, including TV news, TV talk shows, TV late night, our newspapers, magazines, the Democrat/Socialists and yes, even some so called Republicans; we sometimes overlook and possibly forget the incredible accomplishments of this President in just 20 months.  With that in mind I am providing a synopsis of some of his most outstanding accomplishments for the American people.  A recent article in the Washington Examiner lists some 289 accomplishments in the past 20 months since inauguration.  Included are 173 major wins such as adding more than 4 million jobs, and another 116 smaller victories, some with outsize importance such as the 83% one-year increase in arrests of MS-13 gang members.  Talk about hitting the street running!!

Here are some of these accomplishments that I am particularly fond of:

INCOME TAX REFORM-Provided more than $5.5 Trillion in gross tax cuts, nearly 60% will go to families.  Investment flooding back into the USA due to tax cuts.  Over $450 Billion has already poured back into the U.S. as companies bring their money back to and invest in America.

JOBS-As stated earlier, created more than 4 million jobs.  Unemployment claims at 50 year low; African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American unemployment reaches record lows, and women’s unemployment at lowest rate in 65 years.  Our country’s unemployment rate is holding in the mid 3% range.

LAW AND ORDER-Has had more U.S. Circuit Court judges confirmed in first year in office than ever before.  The promise to nominate judges to Supreme Court who will adhere to our Constitution has been kept with appointment and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

BORDER SECURITY AND IMMIGRATION-Despite opposition from all sides, began construction of border wall; convinced Mexico to do much more in stemming flow of illegals into our country.  This is something our Presidents have attempted for the past 40-50 years.  They talked and accomplished nothing in this regard.

ENERGY-Roadblocks to construction of Keystone Pipeline, were eliminated and work began on construction.  U.S. oil production achieved highest level in history; we are now the largest crude oil producer in the world.  Also became a net natural gas exporter for first time in 6 decades.

FOREIGN POLICY-Moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, thus telling the world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as Israel wants.  Again this is something that at least the last 5 of our former Presidents promised they would do;  only Trump kept his promise!  Also withdrew from the awful Iran Nuclear deal and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran, the largest supporter of terrorism around the world.

DEFENSE-Increased defense spending, and also provided the largest military pay raise in a decade.  Encouraged NATO allies to increase their defense spending to the levels agreed upon many years ago.  These levels were agreed on but never achieved.  Every NATO member has increased defense spending; some $42 Billion since 2016.  Eight of our allies have now met the agreed upon numbers and 15 more are set to meet agreement by 2024.  Again, many tried but Trump accomplished.  He also asked South Korea to increase their spending in support of cost of troops, equipment we have stationed there.  South Korea stepped up and increased their support to the tune of $100 Million more per year.

VETERANS AFFAIRS-VA Mission Act, sweeping reform to VA dramatically improves not only our veterans healthcare but our commitment to the lives and welfare of our veterans and their families.  For first time ever veterans have the choice to seek medical care outside the VA Hospitals and Clinics. 

TRADE-Negotiated a historic U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement to replace NAFTA.  Renegotiating better trade deals; achieving free, fair, and reciprocal trade for the U.S. with Japan, South Korea, Europe and China.  Particularly egregious is the deal we operate under with China.  Our trade imbalance with China is some $350-450 Billion per year.  To a lesser degree, imbalances also exist with most, if not all of our trading partners.  For far too long, we have been the “piggy-bank” to the world and Trump is hiding the piggy bank and insisting on a fair deal with all.

All in all a most impressive list of accomplishments, and remember I only highlighted the ones I found most desirable.  This is the only President in my lifetime, other than Ronald Reagan who kept his promises to American people.  Trump faces much more opposition than Reagan did, and it comes from all angles, yet he continues working to achieve goals he set for America.

For a complete and comprehensive list and discussion of the 289 accomplishments referenced in this blog, please go to https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trumps-list-289-accomplishments-in-just-20-months-relentless-promise-keeping

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