A new week, a new manufactured controversy.  This week the story is a presidential tweet and the old Socialist stand by, charges of racism.

Instead of passing the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal, or lifting the debt ceiling, or passing appropriations bills, or examining spending, or ending the border crisis at the southern border, House Socialists stopped everything to respond to a tweet.  The House of Representatives dedicated two days of floor time to debating a tweet by President Trump.  They even forced a vote on impeachment, as if a tweet could meet the Constitutions impeachment threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors.

All this angst about a tweet, free speech is flying out the door.  Think alike, speak alike, look alike, that is the Socialist view of America.  All this attention to the “new face of the Democratic party, The Squad,”   four hyperliberal freshmen pushing the Democratic conference toward socialism.

The Squad is led by Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of NY, the group includes fellow Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.  These four believe they are changing politics.  Just last week Cortez claimed that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked the group, dismissing them as only four votes, because they were women of color.  Incredible now the Socialist are charging everyone who disagrees, dislikes, counters their opinions, thoughts, actions as racist; even their own Speaker! 

Thus far no legislative success for The Squad in the first six months of the New Congress, and the same can be said for the entire Socialist House of Representatives.  Too busy investigating the investigation, and opening new ones on President.  However The Squad is forcing their party to move to the left, the extremist left!

Cortez is the brain behind the Green New Deal, a flimsy proposal which seeks to eliminate cows, the internal combustion engine, commercial air travel, and most existing buildings.  Her star powers demanded that leading Democratic presidential candidates immediately endorse her proposal, and many of them did.  Oh yes, cost is estimated to be $77 Trillion!

Pressley sees a persons entire existence through the lens of race, choosing to bash any non-white person who does not use their race to advance issues the way she wishes.

Tlaib and Omar are outright anti-Semites and the counterargument cannot even be made with a straight face.  Ms. Tlaib has ties to terrorist groups and wrote for vicious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan’s blog.  She has been roundly criticized for repeatedly making anti-Semitic statements, and has downplayed the significance of 911.  She has also refused to criticize al Qaeda or antifa and is now offering a resolution of support for the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement which seeks to end all investment in Israel.

Cortez is a radical member of the Bernie Sanders school of socialism.  She and her staff accuse moderate Democrats of supporting segregation, and has plans to support primary challengers to sitting Democratic members of Congress.

These 4 are media darlings and have rapidly become the face of the Democratic party, this despite their actions above and here are a few more.

Cortez one described the state of America as “garbage.”  She provoked a furor by claiming the U.S. was running “concentration camps on Southern Border.  She sided with Venezuelan dictator Maduro against our special representative for Venezuela.

Tlaib’s take on the Holocaust, “there’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust.

Omar referred to the 911 terrorist attack by saying “some people did something.” The New York Post responded to her 911 remark with a front-page photo of the twin towers engulfed in flames with the headline:  “here’s your something-2977 people dead by terrorism.”  Ocasio called the front-page image “horrifying and hateful.”  She complained that showing photographs of the terrorist attack were “triggering.”  Tlaib defended her colleagues 911 comments by saying, “she does speak truth.”

I personally am flabbergasted at the actions, words, proposals of these four, and the fact that the left wing media finds them credible, newsworthy, and yes spokespeople for the Democrats, is an indictment not only on the media but on Democrats who do not challenge these idiots who would destroy our way of life!  Goes to show how far left the Democrat/Socialist have gone.

We all must get involved in our Democracy, make sure you understand issues, vet those running for office and educate others.  It is our duty as Americans!

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