I only watched snippets of Robert Mueller’s testimony yesterday in front of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.  Just to make sure my observations and conclusions were correct I did watch coverage on Network News and the Late Night News!  Incredibly even the left wing media seemed to agree that this entire debacle was painful, embarrassing, and could not finish fast enough.  I personally, after watching probably 30-45 minutes of the live coverage, almost felt sorry for Mueller. 

Robert Mueller is a decorated military hero who has served America well over the past 50 years, from District Attorney, to the FBI, and as FBI Director.  However to say he displayed any confidence, knowledge, or support for the so called Mueller Report would be a complete overstatement.  He literally came across as a bumbling, stumbling buffoon; unable to handle or respond to the simplest questions, poor soul could not even remember who the President was that appointed him as District Attorney in Massachusetts!   He did attempt to defuse questions, ignore questions and continually asked for questions to be repeated, the latter being an often used tactic to use up time, and/or gain time to come up with an answer.

His complete lack of knowledge of his press briefing, and the Mueller Report itself was embarrassing for him to say the least.  He did not know Fusion GPS(the firm hired by Hillary to provide the “Russian Dossier)?  He seemingly had no idea of the conflicts of interest of his staff, some of whom had attended the Hillary Victory(NOT) party after the election, some who had made donations to the Hillary campaign, some who had made donations to the Democratic party, and yes some who had defended Hillary and/or the Clinton Foundation in various legal matters.  Basically, he had a staff of folks who loved Hillary and hated Trump doing an investigation of Trump.  A true conflict of interest if ever there was one.  During his testimony he contradicted himself several times.  If one makes an analogy of his appearance and performance, my take is he looked tired, haggard, and discombobulated.  Similar to what I see when visiting nursing homes.  It is a real shame that he was given this job in the first place but then to have the Socialists demand his testimony was even more cruel.

It is obvious from the Mueller Report and his testimony on Wednesday that Mueller was not in charge of this so-called investigation, nor his press briefing, nor his report.  There was no vetting of the prosecutors hired on his staff, probably all hiring, etc. done by the “Clinton” attorneys, and the Report, and Press briefing written by these same biased attorneys intent on destroying our elected President.

Now for the Socialists; we have heard for 3 years about all the proof on Russian Collusion in our election, first we were guaranteed that there was documented proof, then they extolled the brilliant work being done by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller for 2 years, and that we would learn all about the “collusion” by the Trump administration with the Russians to influence our election in the “Mueller Report.”  When none of this happened, the Democrats began their do-over dance, and began some 5 separate investigations in the House of Representatives, aimed at impeachment.  Again, full force towards denying the results of our 2016 election.  Finally, their most recent attempt at their “coup”, Robert Mueller’s testimony fell flat on its face!

Keep in mind that the Democrat/Socialists, as they did in the Kavanaugh debacle attempt to bastardize our rule of law.  In the case of Kavanaugh they showed that one simply needed to make a charge against the Supreme Court nominee and he was “unfit” to be a Supreme Court Justice.  No burden of proof needed, just an accusation.  In our country, as has been the case since our country’s founding one is innocent until proven guilty, not so with the Socialists. 

In the case of President Trump, they now hang their hats on Mueller “did not exonerate’ the President.  I can find no use, nor reference to this word, exonerate in any prosecutors findings or references.  It is truly a political term and has no place in our judicial system.  A prosecutors job is to gather, review, and decide whether to prosecute of not.  If evidence suggests a conviction can be obtained then prosecutor goes forward with case.  Jury rulings are Guilty or Not Guilty, never have I seen “we exonerate the defendant.”  Again Guilty or Not Guilty! 

I have also found revelations that Mueller, who was notorious during his time as FBI Director for arriving at 6AM and working into the evening, never arrived for work early on this investigation, nor stayed late.  In fact there were days when he arrived mid to late afternoon, or not at all, for staff meeting which lasted 45 minutes and were run by assistant, then departed the office.  He did not sit in on interviews, in fact I hear he had little, to nothing to do, with entire process.  This is evident from his testimony!  One question noticeably absent from both Democrats and Republicans as well, “Can the President be convicted of obstruction of justice if he were to have fired Mueller?  “Nobody asked the fundamental legal question:  Can a President be convicted of obstruction of justice for exercising his authority under Article II of the Constitution?”  Legal precedent says no, a president cannot obstruct justice by exercising his constitutional authority.  Shows how tight the Socialists have their drawers in knots!  Much ado about nothing!

So in conclusion, just another step in the ongoing witch hunt!  The Democrat/Socialist will continue this hoax until we vote them out for non performance.  They will continue to ignore the needs, issues and real problems facing our country and utilize resources, time and energy to overthrowing our election.  In the 6 1/2 months they have controlled the house, not a single plan nor legislation on “border crisis” other than the $4.6B to make the illegals more comfortable, nothing dealing with our antiquated, idiotic immigration policies, drug prices, infrastructure, medical care, Social Security going broke, trade pacts, Iran aggression, etc; just more Trump investigations!  Busy, charging anyone and everyone associated with President with contempt; AG Barr, Commerce Secretary Ross, KellyAnn Conway, and resolutions condemning the President for tweets about the new faces of the Socialist Party, the Squad.

One other quick point, does it scare you that some in leadership positions in our country would ignore our most basic rights “innocent until proven guilty”?  Scares the hell out of me!  Furthermore our Government opened a $30 Million, 2 year investigation, no holds barred witch hunt  to remove our President.  This witch hunt was based on fictitious allegations in a “Dossier” financed by political opponent.  Doesn’t this sound like some banana republic we read about; not the U.S.A.?What chance would you or I have under this system of justice?

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