Let me begin by saying this entire “impeachment circus” is just the latest attempt by the Socialists to overturn the 2016 Presidential election.  We elected Donald Trump our President and the Socialist and their candidate Hillary Clinton, their propaganda arm; the media and various and sundry “never Trumpers” cannot seem to get over it.  Instead they have spent well over 2 years on the “witch hunt” they labeled “Russian Collusion.”  We were told that their hand -picked Special Counsel, Robert Mueller would provide evidence that the Russians swayed the election to Trump.  Well after some $35 million spent on this investigation, they saw no collusion, no conspiracy between Trump, his staff or anyone else with the Russians.  Having failed in this attempt to overturn the election, they immediately started picking the investigation apart and began about 5 or 6 new investigations all aimed at removing Trump.  A key figure in this entire debacle was one Adam Schiff, a Socialist congressman from California.  With the takeover of our House of Representatives he is now the Chariman of the House Intelligence Committee.  He promised us for 2 years that he had seen, had in his control undisputable proof of Trump colluding with the Russians.  Lies, Lies, Lies.

Now out of the blue we have the latest attempt at overturning the wishes of the American people.  The Socialists are all over the media with their “impeachment circus.”  This latest attempt began with a Whistle-Blower complaint by a CIA agent concerning a telephone call between President Trump and the President of the Ukraine.  President Trump provided everyone, Congress, media, American people with a transcript of the call.  Adam Schiff a known liar as evidenced by the Russia investigation took the transcript and rewrote it to his satisfaction.  Changed words and read it to media(on camera of course).   During this media rush of the past week, he was asked point blank if he had met or talked with the complainant.  He answered no to both.  Now we find out due to the New York Times(certainly not an ally of Trump) that the Whistle Blower had discussed his complaint with Schiff and/or his staff prior to filing.  So now, we know that any time Schiffs lips are moving he is lying.  He now says that yes, the complainant contacted the Intelligence Committee and they directed him to the Inspector General .  Mr. Schiff is also know for leaking sensitive material to the press, especially when the leak benefits his agenda.  In fact, he has been described as “leakier than a screen door on a submarine.” There is some consensus that the Whistle Blower may have received help from Schiff and/or his staff in writing the complaint.  Sounds like Schiff is not only professing to have evidence but changes evidence he does not like and helps create what he needs.

Now for the Whistle-Blower, whose name we do not know.  The Socialist are busy setting up the scenario that he testifies behind closed doors and his name is not provided(secret testimony from a secret witness).  Here is what we do know about this secret Whistle Blower.  He is a CIA employee who was assigned to the White House but is now back at the CIA.  Here is a question?  What was his assignment at the White House?  Did the White House staff know him to be a CIA agent or was he there to gather information on Trump?  The real kicker here is that he has no first-hand knowledge of anything he complained about.  He heard it all second or third hand(hear say).  This entire complaint is like “reading something on the bathroom wall at the 7-11”, reporting what you read and an entire investigation is launched.  Our courts do not allow hearsay evidence at either the Civil or Criminal jurisdiction!

The latest in the almost 3 years that we are aware of that the Socialist have been attempting to overturn our election.  You should contact your Representative in Congress and your U.S. Senators; let them know that you have had enough of this banana republic behavior.  They should all get to work on issues affecting our country.  In case they don’t know the issues:  Immigration, government spending, trade, balanced budget, Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East, Healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, military preparedness, for starters.  Seems like there are plenty of important issues affecting our daily lives instead of these wasteful witch hunts.  You can reach them through  www.house.gov  and www.senate.gov 

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