Here are some results on the rallies Trump is holding across America.  The President knows that in order to win re-election in 2020 he will need more than just his die-hard supporters to turn out and vote for him.  He’ll need independents, and even some disillusioned Democrats crossing the aisle on his behalf. 

Judging by data from these rallies this needed outcome appears to be a real possibility.  The rallies in various states have attracted registered Democrats and a significant number who are also minority voters that Democrats tend to take for granted as belonging to them.  A look at the early November rally in Mississippi, shows this very thing is happening:

Mississippi Rally

16,432 voters identified

24% voted once or less in last 4 elections(12% in zero)

27% were Democrats

20% were Black

Like data from the October 17 Dallas rally.

54,000 voters identified

21% were Democrats

11% were Latino

Data from the September rally in Rancho Rio, New Mexico(Hillary Clinton won New Mexico by 8 points)

45,000 voters identified

31% were Democrats

40% were Hispanic

It is also reported that 30% of the over 42,000 who signed up for an October rally in Minneapolis were Democrats.  Minnesota has never been a Republican friendly state.

What is going on here?  Could it be that Americans are beginning to realize that “RESULTS MATTER!”

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