I’m shocked; shocked I tell you!  Shaken to my core over report that since 2016, Department of Justice(DOJ) workers have donated mostly to Democrats(Socialist/Communist). Who would’ve thunk it?  Seriously, is anyone surprised to learn that the DOJ is filled with Socialist/Communist?  One only needs to look at the actions of DOJ in the past 11 or so years.

We can always start with the DOJ refusing to look into the Black Panthers attempting to intimidate voters during the 2008 election.  The decision to not prosecute made by Obama AG(Attorney General) Eric Holder.  Then we have the refusal to provide Congress materials dealing with the ill fated, “Fast and Furious” plot which provided guns to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in death of Border Agent, killed with one of the guns provided to cartel.  Next comes the Lois Lerner debacle; she was an IRS supervisor charged with determining tax status of tax free organizations.  She treated conservatives different than left wingers.  No prosecution again at the behest of Holder.  I will rush through the next few but hopefully you are reasonably aware of these:  Tarmac meeting of AG with Bill Clinton while Hilliary’s emails were under investigation, the entire investigation of Hilliary emails, Trump dossier which led to the Mueller investigation, FBI leadership along with DOJ exhibiting immense hatred for Trump. Emails, lies, lying to FISA court for surveillance, and of course their latest attempt to overturn the 2016 election; Impeachment.

It is more than obvious that the entire Federal Government has been weaponized including intelligence agencies by Obama and the Socialist/Communist.  Now we find that DOJ workers gave $438,077 to Hilliarys presidential campaign during 2016 cycle, compared with the paltry sum of $23,874 to Trump.

Overall during this time frame, Democrats received $819,454 from DOJ employees, compared with $126,929 for Republicans.  In 2018, Democrats received $474,690 and Republicans received $126,902 from DOJ workers.  Furthermore U.S. Attorneys offices and DOJ local prosecutors also gave more to Democrats in 2016, $68,387 to $12,615.

Now you know why General Flynn, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort were treated so shabbily and that sentences exceed in some cases sentences for rape, armed robbery, and child porn.  One should also note the treatments they received during arrest, and while in prison.  In Manaforts case he was placed in solitary confinement for months and Stone was arrested in a swat team type operation at 3AM with CNN cameras there.  Overkill for sure since like most white collar crimes are told to report and Stone would certainly have done that.

Just more examples of the liberal deep state aligned against the Trump administration and anyone who is not a left wing socialist/communist.  Drain the swamp!  We must make sure the draining is not impeded and is finished during the next 4 years.

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