Trump nominations to the Supreme Court save America again!  In a recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision they approved the Trump rule that says “immigrants who are likely at any time to become a public charge” because they may in the future need benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid or housing assistance my be turned away. 

Thus, the Trump proposal decrees that if an immigrant cannot, or will not be able to take care of him/her self and their family they will not be allowed into the U.S.  You will remember that our immigration laws include among other questionable items, a head count for each country of allowed immigrants entering the U.S.  In other words we have a quota system based on a set number from each country.  It has nothing to do with our needs, skill level, education, experience, nor any other relevant matter.  Just numbers!  Why in the world would not we accept only the best and brightest into our country?  Makes too much sense!  Yes, we are the ATM for the rest of the world.

Trump insisted that these insane laws be changed so that our immigration laws favor America and its citizens, not the rest of the world.  Nothing is being done in Congress on this issue as the Socialist/Communist are too busy investigating, scamming, scaring, lying, and not doing a single thing for America.  So, as has been his SOP(standard operating procedure), Trump takes action on his own to better America!

In a related matter to this ruling, consider that the Socialist/Communist have pushed and are continuing to push for open borders so that any and all can enter.  Had the Supreme Court ruled the other way on this, how much of your hard earned money would go to sustaining immigrants who get welfare, etc.?  Estimates of folks coming here from around if we have no border security are in the 10’s perhaps 100’s of millions.  As you probably can imagine, the 4 votes against the rule were cast by the justices appointed by Clinton and Obama.  We need 4 more years for Trump so he can appoint several more!

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