Our Government is again rewarding poor planning and bad decisions.  Just ran across an article entitled, “Ready to retire, but student loan debt is a problem.”  After reading the article, my sense is that this entire article was aimed at furthering the Socialist/Communist plan to “forgive the $1.5 Trillion owed in student loans.”  Article talks about a 64 year old man who is retiring after 20 years on job.  First, where was he for the other 20+ years of working career?  He and wife have $98,000 in student loans borrowed to send their four daughters to college.  Why did not daughters attend community college in or near their homes?  Why did not daughters work during college and summers?  Why are daughters not paying for loans, or at least assisting?  Why are student loans the issue?  We all probably owe mortgages after retirement, why not forgive these loans?  How about all credit card debt, medical debt, automobile loans?  Incredible!  What is more incredible is another story I found relating to the “forgiveness” plan propagated by the Socialist/Communist.

Senator “Pocahontas” Warren was speaking at a town hall type event and covered the entire “student loan forgiveness” in great detail among other “freebies she and all the Socialist/Communist candidates are proposing.  After the town hall she was approached by a man who had his daughter with him.  He told the Senator that he had worked 2 shifts to send his daughter to college and wanted to know if his money would be refunded to him under this program.   He was told, NO!  The Senator quickly left the stage as the man told her, “so, all of us who have worked, sacrificed, and paid for our children’s education are screwed with your program?” The Senator never even acknowledged his true statement!

Another example of bad decisions, poor planning, woe is me generation thinking, being rewarded by our government.  Government should not be about deciding winners and losers, which is what they are doing here and in many other areas.  This is simply an attempt by the Socialist/Communist to purchase votes with our tax money.  Nothing new as they pit rich versus poor, male versus female, white versus black, illegal immigrants versus citizens, gay versus straight and so on and so forth!

End this stupidity by voting against every so called Democrat.  They are all Socialist/Communist at every level, every election, so make sure they do not achieve their ultimate goal; power! If you don’t believe this, tell me how the candidates for President differ in their agendas?  All are for open borders, welfare for illegals, decrease spending for military, more taxes, more government spending, green new deal, forgiving student loans, Medicare for all and others.  I welcome your input!

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