Have you heard about the “Chinese virus?”  That is the new term the President is using when discussing the coronavirus outbreak here in the U.S. and around the world.  Quite naturally, the left wing media, the politically correct idiots, and the Socialist/Communist all have their drawers in a wad.  Trump insists there is nothing wrong with calling it the “Chinese virus.”  He first used the term in a tweet on Monday, angering officials in China and raising concerns about discrimination against Asian-Americans, as reported by the flagship newspaper of the Socialist/Communist; the New York Times.  On Wednesday the President defended the term when asked about anti-Asian discrimination.  Calling the coronavirus, Chinese is “not racist at all, it comes from China, that’s why.”  He also said he was calling the virus “Chinese” to counter claims in China that the virus was spread by American soldiers.  This conflict between the President and the media is simply over Trump being an “America First guy,” and the media being a “everyone else first organization.”

The coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan, China but the World Health Organization issued guidance in 2015 urging authorities to name diseases in a way that avoids “unnecessary negative effects on nations, economies and people.”  All these left wing organizations and their propaganda allies, the media seem to be more concerned with what it is called, than either the damage to our citizens, our economy, and yes, even our way of life.  We can definitely assume that “political correctness” or as I say “political dumbness” is alive and well.  I say any organization or even a person who complains about a term like “Chinese virus” is a “politically correct fool.”

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