What happened to the Coronavirus stimulus plan for our economy promised last week?  You, like me have heard from the President, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Senator Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, Senator McConnell, and other assorted Senators, Representatives and government officials that the Republicans and the Socialist/Communist were close to an agreement.  We were told it would be done by Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday.  Here it is Tuesday and still no stimulus bill to keep our economy from dying.

Well, now we know.  As is their mantra, “take advantage of any and every crisis,” the Socialist/Democrats have last minute demands.  Here is a list of just 11, they are demanding be added to the list of funding to assist our economy and our citizens in withstanding this attack on not only our health but our jobs, the very future of our country.

  1.  $300 million in funding for public broadcasting-What in Gods name does public broadcasting have to do with surviving Coronavirus?  How about letting the folks who support public broadcasting support it with donations?  Not all of us!  Again they prove daily that they know better what is best for us, than we do.  Bureaucrats!
  2. Expansive new tax credits for solar and wind energy-Guess they believe the wind farms will blow the virus away from us.  Incredible!
  3. New emissions standards for airlines and a requirement for full carbon offset by 2025-Wow, now this will absolutely rescue our citizens and our economy.
  4. Required same-day voter registration and early voting-No connection to providing escape from virus for economy and citizens.
  5. Bailouts for the U.S. Postal Service, the union pension fund and student loans.-Just protecting their union constituency against the well being of the rest of us.  Divisive at the very best.  Not anything tied to combating the Coronavirus disaster.
  6. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees-Protecting their propaganda arm
  7. Publication of corporate pay statistics by race, and race statistics for all corporate boards-More divisive programs.  What business is it of anybodys who is paid what on a corporate board?  Certainly does nothing to fight the virus.
  8. A $1 Billion “cash for clunkers” style program where the government buys planes from airlines.  Now here is a great way to fight the virus.  What is wrong with how things work now, airline sells old planes, or they are used for parts.
  9. $1.5 Million to study climate change mitigation efforts in civil aviation and aerospace industries-Absurd in the case of virus defeat
  10. New and burdensome OSHA requirements on hospitals-At a time when hospitals and our healthcare workers are deluged with patients, and barely keeping their heads above water we are going to burden them with more government requirements.  Incredible!
  11. $1 Billion to build on a program expanded by Obama that provides discounted phone service for low-income consumers.  “More freebies” buying votes.  Tell me how this combats the economic disaster we are facing?  How about the health crisis, how does this help?

If you find this as appalling as I do, I ask that you consider what is actually going on here.  Just another power grab by the Socialist/Democrats.  They are intent on providing their constituents  special deals, that you and I pay for.  None of this bulls—t has anything to do with our economy nor our health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I think it is fair to say that in just this latest attempt to control our lives and they are trying to implement part of the “Green New Deal” through using the Coronavirus disaster.  It is past time that we kicked these people out of our lives, if you vote for any Socialist/Communist(Democrat) at any level you are part of the problem.  Remember as Rob Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, said “Every crisis is an opportunity.”

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