What has Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden up to these days?  Well in addition to feathering the nest of
his son Hunter, his two brothers, and a sister and daughter Ashley; we have
the latest.  Tara Reade a former Biden
aide is making a harrowing accusation. 
She accuses Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

Reade, went on a podcast this week and said Biden kissed
her, thrust his fingers inside her and got upset when she pushed him off.  “Come on man,’ he said.  “I heard you liked me.”  She claims he then jabbed a finger at her and
said she was nothing.  “And he was
right.  That’s how people treated me…I
have no platform, I am no one and to him I’m nothing.”  Reade was one of 8 women who accused Biden of
inappropriate touching.

Time’s Up:  Reade
tried reaching out to Time’s Up-a key organization in the #MeToo movement-but
was rebuffed because the group was afraid of accusing a candidate for federal
office.  Times Up was afraid of losing
its nonprofit status.

Biden Responds:  Joe
Biden’s camp thoroughly denies Reade’s accusations.  The Biden camp provided this along with the
denial, “Women have the right to tell their story, and reporters have an
obligation to rigorously vet those claims. 
“We encourage them to do so because these allegations are false.”  We are also aware of Creepy Joe’s penchant
for sniffing womens hair, inappropriate touching, but then he is a
Socialist/Communist and nothing ever comes of accusations against one of their
own.  The Secret Service also reported
that Creepy Joe took daily swims in the pool nude with both male and female
agents, aides present.

Media Attention:  This
accusation by Tara Reade has received little to no mainstream media attention
until hashtags like #IBelieveTara and #TimesUpBiden began cropping up on social
media this week.  As usual the media
appears to give female accusers short shrift when the guy being accused is a
Democrat(Socialist/Communist).  Contrast
this with the attention and coverage from the media on the accusations against
President Trump by porn star Stormy Daniels, and the circus surrounding Supreme
Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Went on
for weeks, even months with 24/7 coverage of everything anyone said, thought,
or in any way impugned these two.  Still
don’t believe there is media bias against Conservatives?  As I have told  you many times, the media is simply the
propaganda arm of the Socialist/Communist.

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