Still waiting on anyone providing me something, anything the Socialist/Communist(Democrats) have done for the American people in the past 3+ years?  Here is just the latest on how they have our best interests at heart!  As you know our country is being ravaged by the coronavirus; Americans are dying, over 23 million unemployed, economy completely in disarray, businesses closed, tourist staying home, airports closed, and lots of other horribles happening to America and its people.

What are the Socialist/Communist doing about our dire situation?  The only things I can find is in two instances they have delayed passage of economic relief bills in Congress as they attempted to get money for their agenda at a time when we are dealing with probably the most devastating epidemic in our history.  You know they wanted the “green new deal,” “union bailouts,” funding for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, “bail-out for the U.S. Postal Service,” another union issue and other things that have nothing to do with our coronavirus survival.

Well, if all this isn’t enough to show you how they feel about we Americans, perhaps this will?  With all the things and more I have delineated in the first two paragraphs needing total attention; guess what Chucky Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader is up to?  Don’t know Chucky?  He is the leader of the Wicked Witch of the West flying monkeys.  He is proposing a law that will prohibit President Trumps name on the stimulus checks being distributed to Americans from the U.S. Treasury!  A real monkey would  come up with a more pertinent and needed approach to dealing with the virus!

I remind you all, these are the folks who would be totally in charge of your lives if Quid Pro Joe Biden is elected and they maintain control of the House and take over the Senate.  Do you want the future of our country in their hands?  Vote them out!

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