Quid Pro Joe solves our riot problems!  Joe Biden in a meeting with black leaders told them that a way for law enforcement to reduce potential fatalities would be to retrain police to shoot attackers in the leg.  Really!!  This idiot would be your next president?  These words of nonsense were uttered during a meeting with black community leaders to discuss race relations and police brutality.  They were also to address the protests and riots that surged over the weekend.

In speaking to the black leaders he offered what he thought would be a good way for the police to decrease the number of fatalities that occur on their watch:  “Tell cops to aim for the lower extremities.” He suggested that law enforcement retrain their officers that when an “unarmed attacker” is coming at them with a “knife or something” which would make the attacker not “unarmed: they should stop aiming for center mass. 

Quid Pro Joe also told them that he saw “a lot of different things that can change” when it comes to police training, and he vowed that in his first 100 days as president, he would created an oversight board to examine how cops are trained.

Problem solved!  Do nothing Joe does it again.  The only specifics he has are “shoot attackers in leg, and an oversight board to examine how cops are trained.”  That should do it, yes sir! 

Is this the guy you want responsible for law and order, you and your family’s safety, protect against foreign enemies, protect against domestic enemies?  You better get out and vote and encourage others or this and worse stuff is what you will get!

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