Are you ready for the latest proposal for correcting the protesters problems?  First we have Quid Pro Joe(Biden) proposing that police be trained to shoot in leg, not chest, those attacking them.  He also promises a huge investigation into police training, etc in the first 100 days of his administration.  That’s the answer alright!  Who is going to protect you if this proposal goes through?  Not the police if we still can find anyone willing to do the job.

The latest proposal comes from multi-millionaire black co founder of BET, Robert Johnson.  Mr. Johnson calls for $14 Trillion in reparations to be paid to every black in America.  Believe this comes to approximately $300,000+ each.  Who pays for this, why you of course?  Johnson’s proposal would have Americans who never owned slaves, nor know anyone who did paying Americans who never were slaves nor know anyone who was.  Incredible!

You better get out and vote, as the Socialist/Communist get crazier and crazier.  We already owe over $25 Trillion and unlimited spending on the rise.  Now another $14 Trillion! 

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