We have now been subjected to almost 4 weeks of protest, riots, looting, arson, anarchy or whatever the proper term may be.  Every TV channel, every internet story covers some aspect of this latest round of protest, riots, etc. in our country.  We even have a NASCAR story that made headlines 24/7 for several days.  Supposedly a noose was found in a black race car drivers garage, emotions ran amok and the FBI was called in.  It turns out noose was only the pull rope for a garage door!  I have never owned a garage door that did not have a pull rope hanging from door, used for closing, opening door. 

I have patiently waited and hoped this madness would subside but with the race baiters, media, and all the “politically correct” politicians, leaders, our chaos continues.  We have statues, monuments, being destroyed, vandalized.  Yep!  Destroying monuments, statues, our heritage is going to solve all our problems.  I remember when we blasted the Taliban for destroying monuments, statues, etc. in Afghanistan!  Businesses, large and small being looted, burned, destroyed along with police buildings, automobiles and our police officers attacked, killed.  How did we get here?  How does this help anything?

The initial cause was the arrest of a black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota who died from one of 4 policemen restraining him with his knee on his neck after a 911 call about a black man who passed a counterfeit $20 bill and who was acting “out of control.”  Police wrestled him to the ground after he resisted efforts to place him in police car.  Claimed he had claustrophobia. 

I checked to see what I could find out about this man killed by police.  It turns out he had been involved in drugs for quite some time and had served prison time for an armed robbery of a pregnant woman.  It seems that he and his colleagues pushed their way into a home and he stuck a pistol into the stomach of the pregnant woman who was in the home.  Toxicology report came back that his bloodstream had fentanyl, methamphetamine, cannabis and morphine present; no wonder he was “out of control.”

Another incident in Atlanta, Georgia refueled this insane destruction.  A black man passed out in his car while at a Wendys drive thru.  Police were called and aroused him finally.  Gave him a sobriety test and he was over the legal alcohol limit, everything went well until they attempted to handcuff him.  He resisted and brought both policemen to the ground with him.  He was able to wrest a taser from the policemen and ran away firing the taser as he ran.  Police fired back and he was killed.  Taser is considered a deadly weapon in Georgia so not sure what police should have done?  At any rate, Wendy’s was burned and other businesses burned, looted, destroyed.  Oh, and yes black man was a felon, convicted and served time for child abuse.

These killings were the catalyst for the weeks of destruction that have followed, and we have heard untold stories about police brutality against black folks.  In both these cases, everything was fine until the criminal resisted arrest.  Not sure what we expect our police to do in these situations?   Guess they are supposed to just let the resister go!  Here is the data from the FBI crime statistics and other sources which are pertinent to these and other claims.

Blacks make up 13% of our population, they commit 53% of our murders and non negligent manslaughter, 28.7% of rapes, 54% of our robberies, and 34% of our aggravated assaults. Let me repeat this, 13% of our population, and commit 53% of our murders, 28.7% of rapes, 54% of robberies and 34% of our aggravated assaults.  This from the FBI crime statistis.

In the past 7 years police have killed 6929 people, 1944 blacks, and 3378 whites.  On a percentage basis, 28% of deaths were blacks and 48% of deaths were white.  In the first quarter of 2020, police killed 42 whites and 31 Blacks.

No one would argue that these numbers are acceptable but until one examines each case with facts it is totally without reason to think that police are targeting blacks.  Keep in mind that the above statistics are just a minute part of the over 375 million contacts our nations police forces have with civilians annually.  You heard it right, 375 million contacts!  As has always been my position, one should gather facts, figures, data, circumstances, and make informed, rational decisions; not react to emotion, anger and other unfounded feelings.

It is my opinion that blacks and our country would be much better off if we addressed other issues affecting not only blacks but all of us.  Everything cannot be racism!  As an example in our country today we have a growing problem with babies born out of wedlock.  In 1965 24% of black babies were born out of wedlock, and 3.1% of white babies.  Today 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock, 28% of white babies and 52% of Hispanics.  Babies born out of wedlock are overwhelmingly born into poverty and most remain there for their entire lives.  Those born into poverty do poorly in school and vast majority drop out.  They continue the cycle as those born out of wedlock become parents in their teens and bring their babies into a poverty situation.  Could this situation have anything to do with income equality?  Bet your boots it does!  Yet, not a single story is ever printed about black crime, black babies born out of wedlock and into poverty, and the effect poverty has on these lives.  Just more government programs, left wing agitation, promises, race baiting, divisiveness.  How are all the government programs enacted with the Lyndon Johnsons Civil Rights Act and those since then?  Not well!

Here is another staggering statistic for you:  While protesters were marching, burning, looting, destroying here is what was going on in Chicago.  The weekend of May 29-31-25 people were killed and 85 wounded.  They were mostly black.  The weekend of June 19-21, 14 were killed and 102 wounded.  The dead included a 3 year old boy, a 13 year old girl, and 2 boys; 16 & 17.  Police blamed the rampage on gangs, and drugs.  As info, most of these victims, dead and wounded were black and the belief is vast majority if not all assailants were black also.  This rampage had nothing to do with police brutality, been going on for years.  Haven’t seen a single story, march, condemnation, protest over these deaths; not from black leaders, BLM, nor anyone else.  Seems like a much better cause than the racism, police brutality, reparation, defunding police, and the other Socialist/Communist agendas.  Of course to have an impact in this area requires self motivation, self determination, responsibility, and accountability.  None of which we have seen from BLM, Antifa, the rabble rousers, nor the Socialist/Communist(Democrats).  They want political narrative not results!  Here are the remedies that I have seen thus far.  Eliminate police, defund police, reparations of $11 Trillion so each black receives over $300,000.  If you buy these solutions woe be unto you and yours! 

One last item that everyone should be attuned to is the Coronavirus sweeping not only our country but the world.  Presently there have been over 400,000 deaths worldwide, and 120,000+ in our country.  Why no protests, marches, demonstrations against China, who unleashed this pandemic on the world? 

If you can enlighten me, would be most appreciative, but it appears to me that the causes I have outlined deserve far more attention than the death of George Floyd, as improper as it might seem.  Please review and give some thought to the facts and situations outlined in my blog.  These are all things that we should all be working to improve, not charging forward with the constant racism perpetrated by the Socialist/Communist(Democrats)  Oh and by the way, just saw that the FBI has investigation going over foreign influence in these police brutality protests. Info for another blog!

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