Are we going to get 24/7 coverage of this death as we did for the Minneapolis and Georgia deaths which led to over 4 weeks of protests, riots, etc?  I think not, after all it was only a police office who died at the hands of a convicted felon in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Probably the media and the Socialist/Communist(Democrats) will claim police brutality and racism.  That is their answer to everything and has been for years!

Early Monday Sergeant Craig Johnson and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan were both shot and Johnson died as a result of being shot multiple times, including in the head.  The Officer was also shot in the head and is in critical condition.  They were shot during a traffic stop around 3:30AM Monday.  During the stop there was a scuffle(sound familiar-both the Minneapolis and Atlanta deaths were after law breakers resisted arrest).  Different outcome here, the police were killed or wounded, so according to media and Democrats not nearly as important!  During the stop David Ware a former convicted felon pulled a gun on the officers firing multiple times.  Ware then fled on foot and police found him later Monday morning at a house, where he surrendered after officers surrounded the home.

Ware faces charges of first-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, and possession of a firearm after a conviction of a felony.  His accomplice was also arrested Monday and faces charges of accessory to murder and accessory to a felony.  Of course if convicted and sentenced to die for first-degree murder, it will be 20+ years before sentence is carried out.  That’s justice?

Yep, we need to defund the police and allow criminals and thugs to have their way!  What you want to bet that this will get more than a 30 second afterthought by the media, and the Socialist/Communist(Democrats) will either completely ignore or come up with a way to vilify these heroes who were shot, and  died or is in critical condition?  My bet is 30 seconds would be a long time for media to report this heinous crime because it involves the police being killed, and the Democrats if they mention it at all, will be a non-event!

We in a heap of trouble, folks!

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