The Would Be Queen gets her hair done!  Yes, would Be Queen Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon which had been ordered shut during the pandemic and got her hair done.  In case you missed it Pelosi has been on TV continuously pushing the wearing of masks and chastising President Trump for not wearing one.  She and all the Socialist/Communist have used the coronavirus pandemic striking the world as a political issue.  Guess what, she not only visited a hair salon that was closed by government, but did not wear a mask.  Hypocrite! 

Worse yet, this is just a typical “elitist” action in any country with a Socialist government.  The “ruling class” does anything it wants but the citizens are restricted in what they are allowed to do.  In this case the hair stylist cannot work due to government edict closing salon, but the “Queen” can march in, get her hair done, simply because she is above the “law.”  They, after all know better what is best for you and yours.  You are too stupid to make your own decisions; they must do it for you.

If you don’t believe this is standard operating procedure in Socialist countries, check out Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia and any other where socialism is has been tried and failed, or where socialism is the ideology of a country.  Simply put, the elites, the ruling class is in total control of everything; freedom, rights, jobs, the economy(they select winners and losers), eliminate law and order except as they see it, religion, collect guns, etc. etc.  Venezuela is currently the poster child for Socialism.  Ten years ago, the richest country in South America, today the poorest!

So, in essence the “Would Be Queen” just did us a favor.  She provided us a glimpse of what to expect if the Socialist/Communist are able to take power in our country.  Make sure you vote, and that all like minded, America loving folks you know do the same.  Don’t vote for a Socialist/Communist(Democrat) at any level for any office in America!

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