Another incident that Black Lives Matter will call for demonstrations, riots, “mostly peaceful protests,” looting, assaults and many other criminal acts.  This latest example of “police brutality” against blacks happened just a few blocks from my home.

On Sunday evening, the Treasure Island Police responded to a domestic disturbance call around 7:40 P.M.  Police conducted an investigation and arrested a black man, Donnie Brownlow Jr. of St. Petersburg on charges of domestic battery, obstruction, felony driving while license suspended, and violation of probation.  He was transported to the Treasure Island Police Department, where he waited for a van to take him to jail.

An officer was escorting Brownlow to the van in handcuffs when he broke free, ran toward Boca Ciega Bay and jumped in the water.  He was pulled from the water and paramedics performed CPR, they then transported him to a nearby hospital where he died around 9:40P.M.

Under these circumstances Black Lives Matter will probably demand that the Police while arresting any black person within running distance of a body of water be forced to provide them water wings, goggles, flippers, and in some cases scuba gear.  They are already demanding the outlawing of the spit hoods which prevents the arrested from spitting on police officers, so obviously this is next.

Would not it make more sense to advise all folks to not do the crime, and when apprehended not to resist arrest; especially not to escape and jump into body of water with handcuffs on?

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