The good news just keeps on coming!  The National Football League(you know the league of multi-millionaires, both players and owners) kicked off the 2020 season last evening.  Game featured the reigning Super Bowl Champs, Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans.  Game was played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Our sports at all levels have become an event for social protest rather than an athletic competition and this game was no exception.  Both teams displayed some level of protest during the national anthem ahead of the game.  The teams also joined together in a “unity display” during pregame.  Oh, and they did play a football game.  Who cares?

Here is the good news!  They only allowed 17,000 fans to attend and after the national anthem protest and the “unity display” the 17,000 booed both teams.  In another bit of good news, TV ratings for the game are out and overall ratings for the game were down 16.1% from last seasons Thursday Night Football opener between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

If you don’t get it, here it is for you!  The only thing these prima donna players and owners in all sports understand is the dollar.  Squeeze their wallets and they will put an end to this insanity going on not only in sports but in our country.  Do not attend games, do not watch games and see how quickly they all get back to what people want to see, sports.  I do not personally want to see multi-millionaires protesting, kneeling, wearing t-shirts with slogans, pushing political agendas, commercials during even about a political issue that league supports, etc. etc.   Just play ball!

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