In case you missed it, here is more heartwarming news!  Recent survey of the most popular industries tells us that Farming is at the very top of the most popular industries.  This is as it should be as farmers produce our food, and supply a lot of the rest of the worlds food.  So, hurrah for our farmers!  Agriculture viewed favorably by 69% of our country.

Here is the heartwarming news!  Sports plummeted to the 23 spot in list of 25 favorites.  Survey surmised that Sports drop was due in part to the coronavirus which forced leagues to suspend their seasons and the organizations support for Black Lives Matter protests.  This created issue by left wing organizations and Socialist/Communists(Democrats) is beginning to shed its smoke and mirrors as more folks see through all this manufactured hype and look at facts.

As you might suspect Democrats showed little change in their attitude about sports over the past year.  Republicans on the other hand went from a plus rating of 11 in 2019 to a minus 35 this year.  Independents went from a plus 26 to a minus 10.  Support dropped among both whites and non-whites, but it was bigger among non-whites who last year had a net favorability of plus 51.  This year it fell from 51 to 16.  The Grocery Business(63%) was second behind farmers and these two industries were followed by Restaurants(61%), and Computers(56%).  The only other industry to be viewed favorably by a majority was the Retail Business(53%).

Survey seems to confirm that the recent booing by fans at the Thursday Night NFL season opener in Kansas City is much more than just a one game, one city issue.  Americans are increasingly disgusted with our “sports millionaires and billionaires” forcing us to watch their political stances when we paid to see a sports event.  Don’t attend, don’t watch on TV.  Law and order must prevail in our country or we have no country!

Here it is!  For your reading pleasure, can you guess the least favorably viewed industry in America?  Why, the Federal Government of course!  Only 30% viewed Federal Government favorably.  Obviously, this 30% just fell into our country from Mars!  They will learn!

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