Monday, October 12 is a big day for America!  The Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Socialist/Communists have warned that they will do anything and everything to derail her confirmation, so stand by for their despicable actions as they demonstrated in the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  They will stop at nothing, including character assassination, lies, innuendos, etc. 

Our leading experts tell us that there are some tactics that Socialist/Communists can use to delay for maybe hours, or even days but ultimately if Republicans stand together she will be approved by the Committee and her nomination moved to the full Senate for confirmation.

In order to fully understand the bitterness of the Socialist/Communist in potentially losing their “legislative might” in the supposedly non political Supreme Court, we are now being threatened with “packing the court” if they win White House, and take control of the Senate.  One must understand that for decades our Supreme Court has strayed greatly from their constitutional duty to interpret the law.  Instead they have acted much like another legislative body, enacting laws by their decisions.  This is the way the Socialist/Communists have achieved objectives, agendas that they could not pass in Congress.

The Socialist/Communists threat to pack the court is just totally absurd!  Here is the reality of their shenanigans; suppose they win White House and control of Senate?  They then decide to add 3(or more) justices to the existing 9 on court.  Let’s suppose the newly appointed justices give them control of the court; once the Republicans win back the White House and Senate don’t you believe they will add enough justices to take control there?  Totally absurd, but so was Obamacare, their politicizing the Justice Department, FBI, Intelligence Agencies, and spending us into oblivion!  With this kindergarten game, we could end up with more Supreme Court justices than legislators!

I strongly recommend that you immediately notify your Senators to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.
S. Supreme Court and to do so as quickly as law allows.  For those of you who have never contacted your elected leaders here is a website for communicating with your Senators.  Go to find your Senators; email, and/or telephone them.  Time is of the utmost, so do this today!

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