Packing the Supreme Court!  You have all heard this term for the past month, as Socialist/Communists(Democrats) have threatened to “pack our Supreme Court” if they win majority in the Senate and take over the White House.  How does this happen and has it happened anywhere else?

It simply means that the Socialist/Communists(Democrats) would pass legislation adding any number of justices to our current 9 member Supreme Court.  Number would be up to them, since they would control both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Of course, they would appoint justices who are radical left Socialist/Communists.  This packing would insure that any laws they pass, rights they take away, liberties they eradicate would be approved by the court.  With control of White House, their President would enforce these laws, thus ending our Democracy.  They will have effectively destroyed our 3 branches of government, and our way of life.

Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan Socialist/Communist packed the Venezuelan Supreme Court by more than doubling the number of justices.  He increased the justices from 20 to 32 in December 2004.  He was able to do this since his ruling Socialist/Communist party controlled the legislature.  Up until this time the Venezuelan Supreme Court had declared some of Chavez’s laws unconstitutional.  With the 12 new justices, plus the 5 removed, and 2 resignations; he and the Socialist/Communists had complete control of Venezuela and its people.  This how the Socialist/Communists system works, take away rights, freedom, and liberty of their citizens.  They want total control of lives, liberties and even your pursuit of happiness.

Take a long look at what this Socialist/Communist takeover in Venezuela has done to the country and its citizens.  In addition to taking over every aspect of their lives, they have completely destroyed the economy.  People are starving, no work available, economy in freefall, inflation rampant, huge price increases for goods.  I remind you that prior to the Socialist/Communists takeover, Venezuela was the richest country in South America; now after Socialist/Communist it is the poorest.

Not what you want in America?  Then you better damn well vote against any and all Democrats in every election; local, state, and federal.  Don’t believe it can happen here?  You see how it happened in Venezuela; exactly what the Socialist/Communists are threatening here with “packing the U.S. Supreme Court.  It is all about power, and the total domination of the thoughts, rights, liberties, freedoms guaranteed every American by our Constitution.

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