Just watched parts of 3 day Socialist/Communist campaign event called the Senate Judiciary Committee.  These buffoons were supposed to determine the qualifications of a sitting judge to be elevated to the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme Court.  Instead it became a Socialist/Communist campaign event as they all catered to their various special interest constituent groups; blacks, LBGQT, Planned Parenthood, Environmentalist, and of course attempting to confirm Obamacare.  These hypocrites all have admitted that there is a lot of work to be done on Obamacare, but it was sold to the American public as the cure-all for all our healthcare concerns.  Then we see the increases in premiums, increases in prescription drugs, and many other issues.

Here is my instant analysis after watching this circus.  The most intelligent person in the room is Judge Barrett, not even close.  She had more knowledge of our constitution, our laws, a judges responsibility, legislators responsibility, and the judicial process than all the Senators, who are by the way mostly lawyers, combined. 

The second thing I learned is that this entire process is a complete waste of time and our money, as are most things our government undertakes.  On this Committee of 22 Senators, 12 Republicans and 10 Socialist/Communists, not a single vote was changed, not a single opinion on anything discussed was changed, so why go through this circus?  They should have called the meeting to order and voted on the confirmation of Judge Barrett; she would have won 12-10.  Want to bet how the vote will go after many hours per day for a week?  12-10 is my bet!  There is no way to know how much taxpayer money was spent on this charade.  My guess based on government waste is $ millions. 

I would like to share a couple of things that I observed.  First I found it interesting, although not surprising, that all the Socialist/Communists special interest groups were covered completely, racism, gay marriage, abortions, climate change and not one mention of tax increases, military preparedness, regulations, packing the court, government spending, waste, and fraud in government, defending Europe 75 years after WWII, and of course South Korea some 67 years after that “police action” ended.  You know the things that truly affect all Americans.  True to their norm the Socialist/Communists continue their identity politics and divisiveness.

Not sure you saw this, but the distinguished Senator from Connecticut, Blumenthal spent lots of time attempting to impugn the integrity and character of Judge Barrett.  This is hypocrisy at its highest.  This fine Senator campaigned for his Senate seat and spoke often about his military service and his exploits in Viet-Nam.  Turns out this man of integrity and character never spent a day in Viet-Nam, never left America during his military service.  Of course, his military plight was probably helped by the fact that his father was a Senator at the time.  When the facts were finally brought out, this fine gentleman said, “I misspoke.”  Misspoke, how about compulsive liar!  There are probably tales of corruption, lies, etc. on all of them but his demeanor, nastiness, and assassination attempt reminded me of this just who this fine American is.

Here is a suggestion for all judicial nominees who will come before this Committee, particularly those who follow the constitution in their rulings.  On any question about a law, and doing as was done here, bringing fears, showing pictures of people who might be affected by a decision; the nominee should just tell them, “all you have to do is draft a bill, work it through various legislative committees, pass it into law and make sure it meets constitutional muster and you have no worries.”  This is how our Democracy works, Legislature makes laws, Judiciary interprets(not makes)laws, and Executive enforces them.  For far too long our process has been bastardized, and our Judiciary has been making laws! 

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