In a recent blog I pointed out the results in Venezuela of “court packing” by the Socialist/Communists who rule Venezuela.  Venezuela is just the latest failure of Socialism/Communism around the world.  It has failed everywhere it has been tried.  Failed in Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and all other countries where it has been the form of government.  Now our Socialist/Communist want to bring this failure to America.  In earlier blog I alluded to inflation, unemployment, poverty, and the loss of rights, freedoms, liberties lost there, so thought in this blog would concentrate on the economic plight of citizens under Socialism/Communism.  The national minimum wage in Venezuela is about $1,507.58 per month.

Remember Venezuela was the richest country in South America before Hugo Chavez seized power and plunged it into Socialism/Communism; now the poorest.  Here is a quick look at some of the failures of this form of government.

Today 75% of its citizens live in poverty.  Inflation rate is the highest in the world, over 2,000% and people are literally starving.  The Bolivar, Venezuelas currency has been significantly devalued making it extremely expensive for government and retail stores to purchase food to stock shelves.  This has led to steep prices and a lack of basic food needs.

Venezuelan citizens have 3 choices on where they can purchase food.  They can shop at Government owned stores that offer food at a subsidized price, although these stores have strict rules.  A customer can only buy food on a certain day of the week, and often have to stand in line for hours-no guarantee there will be food to buy when they get the chance.  There are also private supermarkets which are more expensive and have the same shortage issues.  The third option is the Black Market which is illegal and can be dangerous.  It is incredibly expensive, items often cost 15 times more than the government owned markets.

Now that you know the situations the citizens of Venezuela face, let’s look at the price of some goods they need.  Remember the national minimum wage there is a little over $1500.00 per month.

Staple                    Quantity                    Venezuela price         USA price

Powdered milk     25.6oz.                           $703.54                    $7.24     Little, to no fresh milk available

Maize flour            2#                                     301.50                      9.27

Pasta                      2#                                      301.50                      2.50

Eggs                        Dozen                               150.76                      1.99

Watermelon         Each                                    40.00                       4.99    Very little fresh produce available

Coffee                    1#                                      201.00                     19.88

If what the citizens of Venezuela are facing doesn’t scare you, then you are probably are either being embalmed at a funeral home or are brain dead.  The Socialist/Communist(Democrats) tell us it can’t happen here.  You believe that then there is no hope, you are brain dead.  Let’s look at a few simple facts about our Socialist/Communist(Democrats) and their unquenchable thirst for power.  Openly discussing “packing the Supreme Court.”  Their number 2 and for awhile, number 1 candidate for nomination as their presidential candidate was Bernie Sanders an avowed Socialist/Communist.  He and their eventual nominee Joe Biden have a manifesto on their agenda if elected.  Their poster children are AOC, socialist from Minnesota, Omar, socialist from Michigan, and another from wherever.  Their solution to problems, both real and perceived, are more government control and more government spending.  Fighting with everything they have to maintain a healthcare plan that will lead to socialized medicine.  Everyday push on dividing Americans; denigrating the rich, designate anyone who disagrees with them racists, destroying respect, cooperation for our law enforcement, opening our borders to millions,  LGBQT vs. straight, pro life vs. abortionists, higher taxes, globalism,  and their very favorite strategy, scare and fear.  So, do not ever believe it cannot happen here, it is already here!  They are now planning to take next step.

Please keep the Venezuela condition in mind as you vote.  There is not a dimes worth of difference in any of the Socialist/Communist(Democrats) no matter what they tell you.  All are pushing for an America that is the mirror image of Venezuela!  Do not leave our great country in the hands of the Socialist/Communist, vote them all out!

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