NEWS FLASH!  We taxpayers screwed again!  Here is another in the long list of waste in our Federal government.  Do not assume that because this is about our Federal government that your local, state government is not rife with waste also.  They are not!  I tend to find things associated with Federal government because it affects all taxpayers, and the amounts are so large.

Before I provide you the details of this fraud upon taxpayers, just want to provide you a little background information.  Any idea what the net worth is of our 4 living ex-presidents?  The latest figures I can find on each of them is as follows:

Jimmy Carter                $8 Million

Bill Clinton                     $80 Million

George Bush                  $40 Million

Barack Obama               $70 Million

These are their net worths, and all have made significant amounts of money, since leaving office.  Money is made primarily from speaking engagements ranging upwards to $250,000 per speech.  Of course there is the money from their books detailing life in the White House.  At any rate by any measure these are super rich people.  The very super rich people that the Socialist/Communist(Democrats) say are not paying “their fair share.”

Here is where we taxpayers get the hose job!  In addition to a pension of $219,000 per year, our leaders see fit to provide some really nice perks for our former presidents.  Here are a few.

They receive transition funding for expense of leaving office, which is paid for 7 months.  This covers office space anywhere they would like, staff compensation, communication services, printing and postage.  No figures available on this perk nor is there any limit on amount that I can find.

After the transition period ex-presidents are provide $150,000 for their staff and this lasts for 30 months-then drops to $96,000 per year.

They also get lifetime Secret Service protection for themselves, spouses and children under 16.  I can find no cost figures available on this perk but has to be significant.  I have even seen stories that they house them on their property and then bill government rent for housing them.

Medical care is provided at military facilities like Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C., and if they serve more than 5 years they get medical insurance through the federal government not Obamacare like they forced on we taxpayers.

As you can see lots of costly perks for former presidents.  While government will not provide cost figures on taxpayer money flowing to these ex-presidents, I did find a figure that since 2000, we taxpayes have paid some $68 Million for the lifestyles of our very rich ex-presidents.  The $68 Million does not include the cost of Secret Service, nor pensions.

My recommendation would be that we establish reasonable pensions and perks based on need, just like a citizen has to qualify for benefits. Keep in mind these lifetime benefits begin after 4 years in office.   If they have net worths of $8 Million to $80 Million why is taxpayer money being used to subsidize them?  Just another example of the run-away spending our government is famous for.  Got a problem, throw money at it!  Don’t have a problem, throw money at it anyway!  That is the American way!

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