Our 2020 election is now over and sadly the Socialist/Communist won the White House!  I say sadly because the policies they support, espouse, and plan to implement will bring our great country to the precipice of destruction.  Freebies for everyone, and yes your income will be regulated by your government.  This election is a giant step toward America becoming a Socialist country.

While the results of our recent election have been sliced, diced, mashed, dissected and regurgitated for hours, here is a sober look that I bet no one has seen.  As you probably know by now, Biden won the popular vote by some 6 Million votes, and here is a scary look at that result.

Jurisdiction           Biden vote         Trump vote      Difference

U.S.A.                     79 M+                  74 M+              6 M

California               11 M                     6 M                 5 M

New York                 4 M                     3 M                  1 M

Illinois                       3.4 M                  2.4 M              1 M

Massachusetts        2.3 M                  1.1 M              1.2 M

New Jersey              2.6 M                   1.9 M              700 K

There is a 6 Million vote difference in the total U.S. vote in Biden’s favor.  However when one looks at 5 states, which by the way have been Socialist/Communist(Democrats) for decades there is a difference on some 9 Million votes in Biden’s favor.  Thus the entire popular vote total difference in Biden’s favor was generated in these 5 states, and then some. 

Why is this important?  These numbers clearly show that the Socialist/Communist plan to do away with the electoral college and have our president elected by popular vote would allow these 5 states to elect our president.  In fact, California plus one state could elect our president, based on 2020 results.  While I do not remember exactly the totals for the 2016 election, memory is that this same phenomenon existed for Hillary Clinton.

Another interesting fact on these states and some others is tied to Pelosi’s insistence on providing states “coronavirus funds” as part of the $3 more Trillion she and the Socialist/Communists have proposed.    The states listed above who voted overwhelming for Biden have also run up huge deficits in their budget process for decades.  They have spent much more than they collect in “freebies,” “give-aways”, “rewarding the losers,” “rewarding bad decisions,” and buying votes.  These deficits that they now want all taxpayers to cover with tax money are not due to Covid, but to decades of Socialist/Communist mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility!

Quickly, here are the deficits I believe to be as accurate as one can find for each of these states.  Keep in mind that some states like our Federal Government have no details on deficits, unfunded liabilities, etc.  They just spend, spend, spend and take, take, take.

Total Debt by state:

California                $1.5 Trillion

New York                 $1 Trillion

Illinois                       $300 Billion

New Jersey               $250 Billion

Massachusetts         $150 Billion

Now comes the Socialist/Communist rewarding these bad decisions made by states with taxpayer money under the guise of “Covid recovery.”  Complete and utter bulls__t!

Folks, the only way to slow down the train to ruin, is to make sure the two Republicans in Senate run-offs in Georgia win election.  If the Socialist/Communist win these two races, they will control the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  Their ability to rain Socialist/Communist policies, reduce freedoms, control lives, regulate businesses, determine winners and losers and other dastardly policies will be unfettered.  We all will be at their mercy, and the America we all love will be no more!  Please take a moment and encourage all you know in Georgia to support the Republicans.  Our very future depends on these two elections.  God Bless America!!

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